Daily play poster 7

Download the poster for three play-based learning activities that you can do at home with children. Click on the play button for supportive video content. what-will-we-learn-today-day-7Download Today we play rhyming games to develop phonic awareness, size ordering your family's stinky feet and practice complicated skills of self-regulation and control by playing catch (this one is … Continue reading Daily play poster 7

Daily play poster 6

Download the poster for three low-resource play-based activities that will support your child's development. The play icons link to supporting videos on YouTube. what-will-we-learn-today-day-6Download A lovely sensory day: today we use sand, dirt or rice for some low-stakes mark making, use water play to explore the important mathematical concepts of capacity and blow bubbles to … Continue reading Daily play poster 6

Daily play poster 5

Download the poster to find instructions for three play-based learning activities with supporting videos. what-will-we-learn-today-day-5Download Today we write our names in condensation on windows or mirrors, match numerals to quantities with the number cards we made yesterday and enjoy some traditional children's songs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=df_v6Qllf1w&feature=youtu.be Use the number cards that we made yesterday to play a … Continue reading Daily play poster 5

Daily play – Day 3

Today's play includes drawing for literacy, maths with food and using your family shop as a chance to develop communication and language. what-will-we-learn-today-day-3Download https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrmZhWJS1j0&feature=youtu.be Discuss and draw your favourite characters - great for literacy and communication skills. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7fYBUoT6kg&feature=youtu.be What do young children love more than food? Use their interest to write a shopping list together.

How to: play to prepare for school in September. 2: Building towers, building resilience

Hello. My second video of playful ideas for helping children prepare for school in September focuses on building resilience using simple construction games. Resilience is really important for young children's learning - we have to work out why our mistakes happened and how we can fix them in order to learn. This is one way … Continue reading How to: play to prepare for school in September. 2: Building towers, building resilience