Day plan – Self Isolation Day 1

18th March 2020

This is my first shared plan. It uses the visuals that many Early Years setting use to plan out a calendar for the day. You can find a basic explanation of what is covered and links to free resources to help with each area.

The day:

Twinkl mindfulness colouring.


Colouring, painting, cutting out and stickers to have a fun and engaged start to the day and to develop fine motor skills.

Oxford Owl e-book library


This is phonics. Big kid reads one of his books to the little kid. Then I read them a story.

Breakfast muffins recipe


This is a secret maths lesson – weighing, number recognition, counting and sharing.

It also links to understanding the world (using home technology), and Physical Development (nutrition and self care).

If someone in your house has symptoms they will need to prepare their food separately.

Snack ideas


Talk about health, sharing and preferences.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt


Watch or read the story and the children join in . See if we can retell it by ourselves. Can we add anything else to get through in our journey and make up the noises?

Art from the garden.


The kids can choose what they want to do from all their activities. We talk about what they would like to do first and I might steer them in a direction – the activity above is because I’m hoping to get them outside.

Hand washing song for kids


Eat lunch, argue about lunch, tidy up from lunch and have a little play outside.

The story of Hercules on Spotify.


One kid naps and the other has quiet time – audiobooks or computer games.

This is really important mental health time for me to get a rest or do work while they have quiet time too.

Khan Academy Kids


The kids can choose what they want to do. This includes educational apps like Khan Academy kids which they can easily access by themselves.

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