Hello. Hope you and your family are okay there.

I’m an Early Years teacher and mum of two children under 6. I’m supporting my children’s learning from home and hope that some of my work can help others.

“Play helps us cope with change and learn flexibility. No one individual is in charge of their destiny, and a playful outlook can be very helpful with this.” Michael Rosen

These pages will host my daily plans for home learning with my 2 and 5-year olds. The basic philosophy behind the plans is:

  • Young children thrive on routine and it helps them to know what is coming throughout the day.
  • Young children learn best through play and need time to choose and explore their own learning.
  • The resources I recommend need to be free (some are only free right now because of the pandemic) and/or very easily available.
  • The grown-ups need to stay sane, too. At least some of these activities need to be independently accessible and the resources need to be useful to parents with all kinds of background knowledge, time and energy.
  • The content has to be the quality I’d be happy to use in my classroom.

As well as daily plans, you can find themed days, focused on subjects your children are interested in (all based on requests from you – send requests here). There are guides on ‘how to’ approach some of the big issues of supporting young learners during the pandemic, like balancing working from home and teaching.

I’m extremely interested in your feedback – the only purpose of this site is to help people out in a difficult time. If you need some information or if something I have shared isn’t clear, please contact me.

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