Day Plan – Superkids

25th March 2020

Lots of children love superheroes and they offer a great chance to talk to children about what makes them special. You can change the heroes to suit your child and develop your own personal superhero tales.

The day:


Making superhero masks is simple if you have a pen and paper to draw and cut them out and a bit of string to tie them on. Twinkl has some templates, too, if you prefer.


The kids have been getting a bit antsy during the morning’s activities and I’m worried they are not getting enough exercise. We tried out The Body Coach’s daily PE lesson the other day and might build PE into our morning routine now. The YouTube channel has a sessions from 5-30 minutes for children and requires no special equipment or outside space.


We’ll play some phonics games on Phonics Play and the oldest will read on of his phonics books. If you’re running out of early readers, don’t forget the Oxford Owl e-library.


Making your own comic book can be as simple as drawing three pictures to tell a story to a full-on long-term project. For templates to add pictures and/or words to, have a look at Twinkl’s selection.

If you want to approach this as a bigger activity, try this idea from national literacy charity The Reading Agency (with lots more superhero ideas in this toolkit):

  • Choose a simple storyline – e.g. a fairy story, a dream you’ve had, even this strange new situation we’re in.
  • Decide how you want to present it – e.g. with speech bubbles, or pictures without words; maybe pages divided into strips across or down.
  • Plot your story – do a storyboard or plan.
  • Think about your characters – don’t have too many. Do a first page with them all on. Something simple to identify each one – e.g. cape, big nose, frizzy hair, hat
  • What sound effects will you have? How will you show them in the page?


We might have a quick chat about what we think our superpowers would be.


Nonna reads Eliot, Midnight Superhero. I love this story for its potential to fill children with ideas of the heroes they can be.


Children can choose what they want to do.

We might make superhero capes out of bin bags. We will definitely be singing and dancing along to Koo Too Kangaroo’s ‘Superheroes Unite‘.



The Lion and the Mouse, currently free on audible and fitting with our theme of small things saving the day.

The children choose and play.

We’ve packed so much into our day that I think the kids will have plenty to choose from – acting out our superhero story, making superhero gadgets or maybe they’ll choose something quieter.

Despicable Me and The Incredibles are great films to sit down to as a whole family.

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