Day plan – Playful Construction

26th March 2020

A really simple plan for today that makes use of some of the best of the online lessons available free right now.

The day:


Instead of our crafty activity we’ll build hand strength with some building this morning. Adapt this to your children’s ability and interest – challenge them to build a tower, a house or something more difficult. Use whatever you have at home – blocks, duple, lego or tins of food will all provide the same chance to build strength, concentration and mathematical thinking.

If you need some inspiration, try these building examples.

(Yes, my start just got later. I am struggling to get the kids to bed on time in the absence of school days!)


Many schools use the ReadWriteInc phonics system and they are now sharing free speed sound lessons daily on Facebook and YouTube.


If, like us, PE with Joe was a little too much (coordination and time requirement) for your little ones, you could try ballet with The Ballet Coach or ‘My First Ballet Class‘ – fun, active and adorable.


Rob Biddulph (author of The Bear Who Lost His Grrr, Sunk and Blown Away) is providing daily drawing classes for children. We needed to watch the lesson (10 mins) and then have some time to practice afterwards.


Don’t forget to wash your hands.


Since we’ve used his kind free lesson, I am going to break with my ‘free only’ rule and link to Rob’s site to buy ‘Grrrrrr’ if you want. It’s a wonderful story of how we are all better together.

You can find versions of it read on YouTube, too, if you cannot buy it.


The children can choose whatever they want to do. Mine have really enjoyed making their own spaces in the house with a little pop-up tent we have, or with a really simple sheet fort. It could even be a bear cave if the book has inspired them.


I will let the kids eat a bear feast (they’re omnivores, this is easy to spin) in their tent/fort.


Our quiet, story time is usually an audiobook so that I can do some work. Today we will listen to The Crow and His Friends, another tale of cooperation in times of trouble on Storynory, which has a great range of traditional tales for young audiences.


The children have a think about what they want to play and do so independently.

My daughter is really into playing Doctors, so we might have a sing of Polly had a Dolly and set up a doll hospital.

This is a great chance to talk about health, how doctors and nurses help us and how we can look after ourselves (including social distancing). It might also reveal whether they have any worries about Coronavirus that they have not been able to express yet and help you to address them.

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