Day plan – Playful Chores?

27th March 2020

Young children learn a lot from being at home with you and seeing what you do. Today is all about how children learn from looking after themselves and their home. This is just as important as maths and reading – it is all part of becoming independent. (Disclaimer: I am not saying they are actually going to help with the chores yet, sometimes it needs more tidying up afterwards, but it will help them to do it one day!)

The day:

As usual, we will start with something to make little hands strong. Clothes pegs use important finger muscles and today I am going to hang out the laundry and the big one can help with this by standing on a chair. The little one can hang up her dolls’ clothes on a string line (indoors or outdoors) or just attach pegs to a tea towel or paper plate.

This is a great chance to talk about colours, shapes and the weather as you work.

Read Tidy Up Winnie on Oxford Owl (log in required but free). More experienced readers may be able to read it independently. For younger readers, you can read it and discuss the questions together.

Sing and dance along with Moose Tube’s Clean Up. My children like to listen to the song once and then join in on the second play.

Laundry, tidying up and sorting out – really any time you’ve got a big pile of stuff – are a great chance to talk about more and less. Here are some video tips for activities talking about more and less from the amazing Maths with Parents (free but requires registration/login).

A great chance to talk about what we like and don’t like and to talk about food hygiene (get the children to wash their fruit and wipe the table down).

Instead of a story, watch Hey Duggee: Tidy Up Badge. It’s great for talking about how important it is to look after your home together.

If you are Hey Duggee fans, there are some lovely free games and activities here.

The children can choose whatever they want, and then of course they will have to tidy up. Tidying up is an excellent chance to talk about numbers, shape, size and organising things: How many toys can we fit in this box? Who can pick up the biggest object?

The outstanding NRICH maths have a quick guide to using tidy up time as a maths learning opportunity.

We will make lunch together today, talking about ingredients and how much we need. The children can choose from one of the recipes or videos for child-friendly recipes from the around the world in My World Kitchen.

A little homely philosophy today with Winnie the Pooh, currently free on audible.

My daughter loves water play, so she can wash up (the plastic stuff) – bubbles, water, being a grown-up – what’s not to love?

My son is a bit less keen on helping out nowadays, but I think it’s time for him to learn to tie his shoelaces – I’ll sit him down with this video and a shoe and help him when he gets frustrated. He will get frustrated because this is hard, and for him that’s a big part of the point – working through challenges is a major life-skill.

I know, screen time again, but I cannot resist the chance to make magic out of learning independence by watching a little Mary Poppins. If you don’t have access to this, a lot of Topsy and Tim episodes cover useful life skills.

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