Treasure Hunt Day 1 (Day Plan – 6th April 2020)

An adventurous holiday twist to our gentle routine. Planned to keep the children happy and the grown-ups sane. 9.00-9.30 These are some lovely Easter Egg Mindfulness Colouring Sheets (sign up required, but free) for a gentle start to the week. If you don't have a printer, how about drawing your own egg patterns? 9.30-9.50 We're … Continue reading Treasure Hunt Day 1 (Day Plan – 6th April 2020)

Day plan – Imagination

3rd April 2020 Imagination is one of our greatest gifts. Sometimes, young children need help to develop the full potential of their imaginations. That's what we'll be doing in a super-gentle, Fridayish way, today. The day: 9-9.30 We're going to brave and get some paints out for classic butterfly symmetry paintings this morning. You can … Continue reading Day plan – Imagination